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You know what? We don't care why you want to have a knees up. If you want a band, we want to be that band. We're available for your festival, party, wedding, divorce, funeral, bar mitzvah, knees up, hoedown, bash, event, shindig, gala, ball, social or whatever.

Don't book a disco, book The Loose Cannons Band!

What people say ...
John, the Loose Cannons Band and crew.

On behalf of all of us here in Christow, thanks so very much for

a) taking the positive decision to go ahead with the Cannon Ball here on Saturday, despite the weather (minus 11 here at 1am!) and

b) providing us and everyone who made the effort to get here with such a cracking evening.

The whole event was amazing. Thanks to everyone. Come again soon!

Happy Christmas and New Year.

  • John
  • 07970 421660
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