The Loose Cannons Band
Gareth Southcott
Cool and smooth lover boy Gareth is red bulled up to the eyeballs and red haired down to the eyeballs, so ladies you can expect it at 200 miles an hour. The gents can expect it pretty damn fast too, but in your case it will be in the shape of a green mg convertable blurring past with your girl in the passenger seat (in his dreams that is).
What people say ...
Hi you wonderful people!

We would just like to say once again THANK YOU for making Caroline and Sion's wedding such a fantastic event on Saturday.

All the guests were blown away by you and we couldn't have asked for better entertainment to complete such a special day.

You are an epic, talented group of people and we are really grateful to you for giving your time and energy to entertain us all.

Thanks again.
  • John
  • 07970 421660
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