The Loose Cannons Band
Brent Cassidy
Underwater cyclist Brent is the fat and bald rhythm guitar player. No-one is sure if he is as fat and bald as Ian but it is a close thing.

Brent's hobbies include underwater cycling at the quay in Exeter, drinking beer, drinking more beer, more drinking more beer, and getting up early to cycle into the river on his way to the office.
What people say ...
We had an SPSA meeting last night and all the feedback was 'great' 'great' 'great'!! ... especially the 2nd set!

Everyone really enjoyed themselves and thought that when the guys came down onto the dance floor for the last song, was a really nice touch!

It was also commented that it was a good mix of music – older (as in our era!) classic, dancy stuff with some newer ones.

You may have also noticed that our 'theme' tunes went down rather well as well - very much appreciated, thank you!

Thank you all for a really great evening. We will keep you posted on our future events, we are sure to book you again!
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