The Loose Cannons Band
Brent Cassidy
Underwater cyclist Brent is the fat and bald rhythm guitar player. No-one is sure if he is as fat and bald as Ian but it is a close thing.

Brent's hobbies include underwater cycling at the quay in Exeter, drinking beer, drinking more beer, more drinking more beer, and getting up early to cycle into the river on his way to the office.
What people say ...
Just a little email to say thank you so much for playing at our wedding, Pete and I had a fabulous time and we thought you sounded amazing! A lot of people have written and told us how good they thought you were and my parents were just so pleased - they do love a brass section in bands!

Despite the rain we had a fabulous day and I hope that having to be pulled out of the mud didn't dampen your spirits at all. I would definitely recommend you to anyone that asks!!
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