The Loose Cannons Band
John Pierce
John can force such a mighty gust down the trombone that he can part your hair at 50 paces and perforate your eardrums at 32 miles. He is currently being sued by Ian and Brent for hair loss caused by close range puffing. In self defence the band stuff his trombone with dirty underwear and sellotape up the end. Occasionally this backfires and everyone finds crusty pants/socks in their beer. You have been warned...
What people say ...
I write in my capacity as the promoter of 'Villages in action' events in Chudleigh, of which I have quite a few years experience.

I'd like to recommend 'Loose Cannons' to you as a band who can lift your spirits, make you feel good, make you want to dance to them, sing to them (well, with them!). They have a varied repertoire of well known songs which they perform with gusto and talent. I personally have spent a great evening in their musical company, and would be happy for others to have that opportunity.
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