The Loose Cannons Band
Ian Lee
Ian (103) is the fat and bald bass guitar player. He's been playing since he was dropped on his head by an elephant at 13 and can now remember 4 notes, although sometimes he can't remember what they are called.

He loves to fall off the stage at gigs (see if you can spot him doing it) and regularly sacks the brass section (4 or 5 times each rehearsal).

Previous bands that you have never heard of include Demon Groove Lizards and Jungle Lily
What people say ...
Hello all,

My husband and I would like to say a flippin' massive THANK YOU for making our wedding party so epic! Every guest told us how fantastic you were and even though there wasn't room on the dance floor for all of them, people were singing, toe tapping or throwing shapes in any available space!

You guys were the icing on top of a perfect day. The sound was awesome, you were full of energy and we loved every second. We probably should apologise for some of the embarrassing dance moves that were displayed, but really it's a tribute to you that people were so lost in the music! That's the story we're telling anyway...!

We would like to also say an extra special thank you for learning Never Too Much for us. You absolutely nailed it!!

Sion and I would ALSO like to say thanks for putting up with us both being at rehearsals with you and for giving us our 3 minutes of fame. It was an absolute honour to play with you.

Extra big thank you to Benni, Andy & Andy for their time and dedication to us over the whole weekend. Because of them, the speeches, the 'mega mix' and your live sets all went smoothly. In addition, they made the Tipis look better than we could have imagined both with the stage and all the lighting. Immense.

I know we're biased, but our love of you is as genuine as it gets and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being a part of a day we'll remember for the rest of our lives.
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