The Loose Cannons Band
Ian Lee
Ian (103) is the fat and bald bass guitar player. He's been playing since he was dropped on his head by an elephant at 13 and can now remember 4 notes, although sometimes he can't remember what they are called.

He loves to fall off the stage at gigs (see if you can spot him doing it) and regularly sacks the brass section (4 or 5 times each rehearsal).

Previous bands that you have never heard of include Demon Groove Lizards and Jungle Lily
What people say ...
The band was AMAZING! So many people have said to us that they are the best band that they have ever heard at a wedding, and the proof is in how much everyone danced - they loved it, as did Dan and I (once we'd got our first dance over with!).

The girls vs boys dance off was a huge hit, as was the grand finale of the band coming into the crowd, no one had seen anything like it before and they thought it was great fun.

I can't wait to have another reason to hire the Loose Cannons again - we will be coming to one of your gigs in 2010!!
  • John
  • 07970 421660
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