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How do you define a function? A party of some description perhaps? My dictionary says

any ceremonious public or social gathering or occasion

So whatever your "ceremonious public or social gathering or occasion" is, and if it involves dancing then you need us!

Don't book a disco, book The Loose Cannons Band!

What people say ...
The 'Loose Cannons' played for our 40th birthday party in July and we are still living on our memories of this superb event. We had 120 friends coming to Devon from all over the country, some of whom we hadn't seen for years, so the music HAD to be good. Actually, it was ABSOLUTELY TOP!! I don't think there was a single person who didn't get up and boogie, and during the second set it was difficult to find space on the floor. We are still getting people contacting us to say how impressed they were with the band and how did we manage to find such a great one?

The icing on the cake had to be 'Everybody Needs Somebody' from the Blues Brothers, at the end. It was impossible to sit down by this stage.

The band were also really professional in their approach, from the set-up and sound manager, to the top-class musicianship.

Thanks SO MUCH guys. To any prospective clients: Grab this band NOW before they get too famous (and busy!) to do your gig. Top quality, top people, top tunes.
  • John
  • 07970 421660
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