The Loose Cannons Band
Brent Cassidy
Brent has been with the band since the beginning in 2005. He started playing guitar as a teenager, around 15/16. 'Bohemian Like You' and 'Big Bad Handsome Man' are his current favourites. As well as being in a band, he also loves watching other bands perform and has introduced friends to new bands such as the Jazz Defenders. Brent's all time favourite band is Blur. When he's not watching bands or being in them, he also enjoys watching live comedy.
What people say ...
Everyone had a fantastic evening the band was absolutely superb, people were saying how much they enjoyed it. I think you had everyone dancing by the middle of your second song!

Thank you very much for making every ones evening and giving both Alex and Becky the perfect end to a perfect day.
  • John
  • 07970 421660
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