The Loose Cannons Band
Matt Parr
Drum tutor Matt has the largest drum kit in the universe. This forces the band to steal bits off it at gigs so we can fit on the stage. As brain size is inversely proportional to kit size Matt hasn't realised the bits disappear and finds new toys to fill the gaps the following week.

For sale: 768 complete kits - buy one today and sell it back to Matt tomorrow!
What people say ...
A long overdue note to thank you all so much for making Saturday evening such a success - we have had so many messages from people who came, all saying how much they had enjoyed the evening. It ended up raising £3,500 for Rowcroft Hospice which is a fantastic sum.

I know that it was the draw of having Loose Cannons there that ensured we sold so many tickets and that made it such a fun evening.

Please do pass on our thanks to the rest of the band - very much look forward to seeing you play again soon (I will have to try and think up a reasonable excuse for a party!).

Thank you again for all your help,
  • John
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