The Loose Cannons Band
Pete Hodges
Born on the south coast, Pete was naturally drawn to an instrument capable of sounding like a foghorn.

Occasionally producing some audible notes on a saxophone which some may blasphemously call a 'compensation' (something which Pete will (unfortunately) only too happily prove wrong backstage), this man is our baritone saxophone player. The sound technician can often be heard complaining that Pete is playing 'too loud' and will break his microphones, but sadly these complaints fall on (literally) deaf ears.

Pete will always be happy to give you a blast in the face with his massive horn, perhaps even letting you have a blow yourself if you are lucky.
What people say ...
Fantastic performance from the band!! Got everyone up singing and dancing, and we have had nothing but positive feedback from our guests!!

You are now booked for next year, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone!!

Helped Wooden Spoon once again 'stir smiles' and raise money for children who are disadvantaged either physically, mentally or socially in Devon. Thanks again and here's to next year!
  • John
  • 07970 421660
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